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  • November 5, 2019

IMPay is a Mobile Prepaid Solution designed to function seamlessly and simultaneously in both open and closed environments. It enables merchant acquiring services, mobile and web shopping, secured cash top-up, and peer-to-peer remittances in an innovative and extremely secure environment with minimal costs and a very low risk transactions.

IMPay Solution typically uses the MasterCard scheme so that users can also use the card online for making payments and checking balances. All of the traditional prepaid card loading mechanisms can also be incorporated in the IMPay solution.

Users can receive (optional) a plastic twin card that will avail all of the other traditional plastic Prepaid Card services such as ATM usage and more.

The first version of the IMPay Product is designed and structured into three applications:

  • M-Merchant – Backend system which is running on: Windows or MAC OS
  • M-POS – Merchant application supported on: Android Tablets, iPad and iPad mini
  • M-Pay – Personal application supported on: Any Android mobile, iPhone

The M-Merchant is a backend system. M-Merchant provides functionalities such as: Create Products (products for digital sales), Create and update M-POS users, usernames are unique for a merchant, Link M-POS devices to the Merchant, Generate Statistics and Reports, Manage list of specials and discounts, Manage stores.

M-POS is a merchant application that typically runs on tablets and is the equivalent of traditional points of sale devices located at merchants. Merchant account can be a prepaid card or an IMPay account. It can execute a sale by providing the option to pay by QR code or cash or Visa/MasterCard/American Express cards. It acts also as top-up device.

M-Pay is a buyer application that runs on Android and iOS mobile phones and provides functionality to:

  • Purchase goods at selected merchants that are using the M-POS application
  • Transfer funds between people (M-Pay users and external users)

M-Pay is easy to use and is very secure. Buyers’ info credentials are never provided to merchants. When making a purchase, M-Pay users receive the receipts on their mobile devices by scanning the QR codes and approving transactions.

The payment system applies a series of security controls before processing any request coming from the payment network, to ensure authenticity and integrity of exchanged data. These checks and controls are those recommended and required by payments standards as PCI and EMV.

IMPay associates fiat money, cryptocurrency, and token. All major cryptocurrency will be accepted and can be withdrawn as cash (Fiat) in any ATM machine that supports VISA/MasterCard worldwide. iMTrade Online has its own token which called IMSMART Token a utility token that plays a big role to speed up all transactions within the SME 360 ecosystem. IMSMART token uses ERC20 Blockchain for its transaction authenticity and transparency with ERC20 Blockchain, we can be sure our merchant and customers’ secured transactions will be achieved.

IMPay cards are available for reservation. Only the first 500 customers will be given the chance to receive and own the IMPay plastic prepaid twin card.

You can make IMPay twin card reservation at this link:

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