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  • August 5, 2019

Marketplace/Online Shop. People think it’s hard to put up such platform wherein you can promote and sell your products online. They say, to make this a success you have to spend massive amount of time, effort, and of course tons of money. Yes! I have to agree with them.

Online market is a great concept and most companies think about doing but eventually failed because of the three factors time, effort, and money as mentioned above. And in the long run they decided to leave and forget what they’ve started.

iMTrade Online  is part of the SME 360 Ecosystem, a project of  SmartIoT Technology with its aims to cater 3 million SMEs.  iMTrade Online is a marketplace that can be an online hub for  SME’s in Thailand a tool that can be used to promote and sell SME products.

iMTrade Online is a marketplace that offers free technology services for SMEs in Thailand. One of which is to allow SMEs in Thailand to market and promote, or basically to sell their products using the marketplace platform. This business concept is perfect to preserve good relation with their customers and to ensure they will keep on coming back. With the iMTrade Online marketing campaigns, SMEs will have the opportunity in using this as a gear to show value of their products over the internet.

iMTrade Online provides a user friendly environment which allows the community to acquire knowledge about Thai SME products and can be its best partner because of SME 360 Ecosystem that will enable all SME’s on board to benefit from Payment solution and Logistics using DropOff 360 Platform. SME 360 Ecosystem invites all SME’s to participate in the marketplace for free.

Associating cryptocurrency and token, iMTrade Online has its own token which called IMSMART Token a utility token that plays a big role to speed up all transactions, with the ERC20 Blockchain authenticity and transparency will be achieved.

We also invite you to participate in our IEO by visiting our website at and

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