IMSMART Token just finalized a partnership agreement with An Exchange Platform!

  • December 3, 2019

IMSMART (IMT) Token the utility of value has yet to achieve another milestone!

Mr. Thanaboon Mingkaew, CEO of SmartIoT Technology Co., Ltd. And
Mr. Anthony Dano, COO of SmartIoT Technology Co., Ltd. together with The Exchange Platforms Head of Business Development had meetings, video conferences, discussed business proposals and finally, both parties agreed on enlisting IMSMART Token to their exchange platform.

The Exchange Platform, is an Estonian based company focused on developing sustainable solutions within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry, is pleased to announce their new partnership with IMSMART. IMSMART has chosen to launch their listing with The Exchange Platform and will be doing their token sale live on the Exchange.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with IMSMART and we look forward to aiding them in helping the 3 million plus SME’s in Thailand, to bring Blockchain solutions to their businesses.” – Exchange Platform’s Head of Business Development

“Building your dreams, start your business. Looking forward to the future of IMSMART! ” – Mr. Anthony Matiga Dano COO SmartIoT Technology Co., Ltd., quoted.

IMSMART is a technology company with the mission to empower 3 MILLION SMEs in Thailand. IMSMART provides quality; value-added solutions that helps businesses operate more efficiently and compete in today’s ever increasing digital economy. They develop marketplace solutions; strengthen new e-commerce channels and digital distribution strategies, leveraging the power of Blockchain, IOT and payments technologies to improve supply chain inefficiencies.

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